Tuesday, 15 September 2020


Dear Customers,


Many thanks for taking your time to read this statement.


Unfortunately, it has come to our attention recently that our box isn't as easily recyclable as we thought. We were given false reassurances from our supplier and a customer has kindly pointed out to us that there is a plastic coating on our boxes. As many of you are aware and have been purchasing from us for a while we are a small but very transparent company. We are partly responsible for this as we had not done our due diligence in checking our packaging. We had always assumed they were recyclable as per our specification. We have been in contact with our supplier this morning and they have confirmed that our boxes are cardboard with a plastic lamination. 


There are a couple of things we have been working on since this information has come to light. 


  1. Our new stock which is due to arrive at the end of September will now be delayed as we have had to find a new box supplier to make a fully recyclable box. 


  1. With regards to our current box, we have been in touch with TerraCycle and they have suggested a couple of solutions. They have a laminated cardboard box recycling program which can be purchased where we can collect our boxes and forward it onto them. They will then be able to recycle both the cardboard and plastic coating. This means that the empty boxes can be returned back to us and we can recycle it for you. The other solution we are trying to achieve is to work with TerraCycle and sponsor a program where ALL (not just ours) laminated cardboard boxes from various other companies can be returned to them directly for recycling. 


For the time being while we wait to hear from TerraCycle, we will be issuing prepaid envelopes to all new orders from today whereby you can return the empty boxes to us for recycling. Existing customers who would like to do the same can request for these envelopes by emailing us at hello@fetchitbags.co.uk


We hope this doesn't affect your confidence in our company and we are extremely sorry for this. Please be assured that we will be doing everything we can to rectify this and if you have any questions or concerns we will be more than happy to help. 


Kind regards, 

Kiki and Alex