Meet one of our loyal Super Pooper Scoopers who uses our compostable poo bags and shares our vision for a more sustainable Eco-Friendly world!

Name: Bear

Nickname: Fluffmonster

Location: South Wales

Instagram: @bearthegoldador

Favorite Treat: Plaque off bones, carrots & cheese!

Favourite Toy: Ballie, sticks & Zippy paws!

Favourite Games: Hide & Seek & Find it

Favourite Walking Location: In the mountains or on the beach

Fed On: Eukanuba & treatos!

Best Trick: I like giving secrets

Most Likely To Be Found...: Chilling in the garden

More Fun Facts: I love family adventures especially since my mam’s auntie owns my brother!

I also love swimming in the sea and if my humans didn’t watch me carefully, I

would just end up swimming further out, I should have been Moana!