We at FETCH.IT are continually trying to think of ways to reduce waste, packaging and carbon footprint. Because you're helping us do this we would like to give you something back too. Buy a 6 month bundle, get 5 free rolls and become a compostable captain. 


EN13432 and OK Compost HOME certified compostable poo bags. Join the compostable revolution. Now available in 3 and 6 months supply bundle!


Be a Super Pooper Scooper!

The Compostable Captain (6 months supply)

    • 100% Compostable Poo Bag Bundle
    • 6 months supply
    • Strongest and Thickest poo bags on the market
    • Star-sealed base for added support
    • Earth-friendly and made from GM free cornstarch
    • Unlike biodegradable bags, our compostable bags degrade into natural plant products within weeks (in suitable tested conditions)
    • Certified to the highest European Standards for compostability (EN13432 and OK Compost HOME)
    • 9 x 13 inches
    • 6 x 60 bags plus 5 free rolls 
    • Unscented
    • Vegan friendly
    • Designed in UK
    • Manufactured ethically in China 


    NOTE: Bag size may be slightly different from the stated dimensions due to its design

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