FETCH·IT x Embarc Studios Cork Poo Bag Holders

FETCH·IT x Embarc Studios Cork Poo Bag Holders


We've teamed up with Embarc Studios the make the best plastic-free cork poo bag holder for you!


Their poo bag holders are made from cork fabric and have a swivel clasp to easily attach to your dogs lead or a belt.


They will happily fit two rolls of poo bags, so you never have to worry about running out!


Comes with one free roll of FETCH·IT Poo Bag.


Available in natural, orange, blue & tribal patterned cork.


**Please specify colour at check out**


Orange: 3 in stock

Blue: 1 in stock

Tribal Pattern: 2 in stock 


  • Naturally, cork is water resistant - however, coloured cork may fade with repeat exposure to water. This will not affect the quality of the product.


    All materials are sourced from highly sustainable resources. These bags are not sealed or treated with any chemicals. Use with care, and keep out of reach from dogs and children when not in use.


    Please allow for small differences in sizes as each one is handmade with care.



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