Hello Super Pooper Scoopers!


We now offer FREE DELIVERY for 2 x Ocean (with tie handles), 2 x Classic and 2 x Mini  Edition sample bags to anyone who would like to try them before purchasing a whole box. 


*Offer valid for one order per customer*


Here at FETCH·IT we believe in earth friendly products. Our bags are made with cornstarch and certified to the highest European standards EN 13432. They are also certified and suitable for home composting!Join the compostable revolution.


Be a Super Pooper Scooper!

FETCH·IT Poo Bag Samples (2 Ocean, 2 Classic, 2 Mini Editions) - FREE DELIVERY

    • 100% Compostable
    • Strongest and Thickest poo bags on the market
    • 2 x Ocean Edition Bag Samples
    • 2 x Classic Bag Samples
    • 2 x Mini Bag Samples
    • Earth-friendly and made from GM free cornstarch
    • Unlike biodegradable bags, our compostable bags degrade into natural plant products within weeks (in suitable tested conditions)
    • Certified to the highest European Standards for compostability (EN13432 and OK Compost HOME)
    • Unscented
    • Vegan friendly
    • Designed in UK
    • Manufactured ethically in China 


    NOTE: Bag size may be slightly different from the stated dimensions due to its design

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